Working with people -  One to Many

For when you need to connect with your audience; to have people really understand what you want them to do, know or think about; to persuade, influence and engage your team; to handle testing 'moments of truth' with presence and authenticity.

Hilary Fraser offers consulting, coaching and training to help you and your

teams with high-stakes communications to clients, prospects, stakeholders or colleagues.

Typical One to Many challenges include:  preparing and planning your communication; identifying key messages; deciding on the right media; developing persuasive presentations; creating compelling documentation; pitching effectively; delivering the presentation with impact; overcoming public speaking nerves and more.

Working with Hilary Fraser will help you to:

1.  Be certain you are effectively conveying your unique and differentiating


2.  Be confident that your presentation or document is focused and relevant

3.  Be flexible to tailor your content and your delivery to suit your particular audience for maximum effect each time

4.  Be impactful so that your messages are memorable and compelling

5.  Be organised, so you impress with your teamwork, focus and coherence

6.  Make it easier for your audience to grasp your ideas and make their decision

7.  Connect with your audience at rational and emotional levels

8.  Ensure your written emails, proposals and other documents are concise, tailored, easy to read and compelling.