Working with People -  One to One

Inter-personal skills for the 21st century


Today's leadership roles require a package of skills needed for influencing behind closed doors as well as in the public domain.  Those executives who are well-prepared and flexible communicators are people who can leverage the strengths of others and get results through their teams. 


Everyday we find ourselves in situations that require strong One to One capabilities: to connect better with someone; to influence or inspire them; to coach or delegate; to have a colleague become aligned even if they can't agree with you; to ensure your own value or potential is clearly understood; and to deal with 'difficult' people.


Working with Hilary Fraser will help you to:

  • Build and enhance relationships

  • Learn different approaches to leading and managing your team

  • Understand others better and have others understand you

  • Negotiate and handle situations where there is conflict or challenge

  • Communicate consultatively and powerfully with peers, clients and seniors

  • Coach, delegate, give feedback and inspire your team members


Hilary Fraser uses practical tools and methodologies based on many years of experience. Typical outcomes include greater accountability; higher team effort and better results; more trusting relationships; greater satisfaction at work, less stress and more confidence.