Working on you - One to Oneself

Executive coaching for leadership and learning

"You know how much I value our sessions. You're so very clarifying (and relaxing! a rare mix)  in the way you guide and help elucidate questions. It's just brilliant."

Writer and academic

"The really great thing I found when working with Hilary is she enables you to think for yourself. All the answers come from you, and she enables that reflection with her warm and generous approach. I look forward very much to working with her in the future and I have no hesitation in introducing friends and colleagues to her."

Technology Leader, global corporation


In a challenging work environment, today's leaders must possess important qualities of character to deal with change and balance conflicting demands.  Not only are certain character traits important, but these traits must be demonstrated through the capabilities of authentic leadership. These capabilities include self-awareness, balanced or objective processing of information, self-management and transparency in work relationships. 

Executive coaching is a proven way of enhancing these key capabilities through:

  • the use and understanding of feedback

  • self-reflection

  • understanding of values and the link with behaviours, and happiness

  • enquiring into resistance and blocks

  • challenging our assumptions

  • open and honest dialogue

With executive coaching, the individual experiences learning at a deeper level than can typically be achieved in a training environment.  Outcomes include a greater likelihood of overcoming tensions; dealing with environmental uncertainty; comfort and skill in authentic dialogue; better decision-making; and a range of benefits that may also spread through the organisation.

As an accredited, independent coach, Hilary Fraser provides the challenge and support to enhance an executive's leadership capabilities in a safe, constructive and time-effective way. Hilary offers a humanistic and psychologically-grounded approach to uncover an individual's resources and capabilities .